Plot located in Sispony to build your home to your taste, oriented southeast, with morning sun on the back facade to wake up with the first rays of daylight and midday and afternoon sun on the main facade where you could locate the indoor day area and a large outdoor garden area with sun and mountain views. From the front facade you can enjoy great privacy and enjoy the views of the natural environment, while from the back you can enjoy the view of the Casamanya Peak, which with its 2,740 m high and limestone composition White offers us the pleasant view of the snows to winter and the greenery of the vegetation in summer.
The plot has an area of 1,000 m², and it is possible to build a maximum of 450 m² (not counting the garage), with a maximum of 180 m² per floor and a maximum of 3 floors, not exceeding 11 m height counted from the floor Low or 13.50 m height of the natural level of the terrain at the same point.
The plant construction garage can occupy the entire width and depth of the plot, while the upper floors must be separated (at least) 3 m from the boundaries of the plot and treatment of the surface not occupied by the building will be landscaped In a minimum of 50% and the rest of the surface can be paved. The deck must have a minimum slope of 30% and a maximum of 100%.
With the current legislation currently in force, recently amended, it is possible to build 1 single-family chalet or a maximum of 2 single-family houses.


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